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Thinking of divorce or whether you have already initiated it or not, divorce opens a Pandora’s box of emotions to deal with. Feelings of confusion, despair and pain are prevalent. I will help you navigate those feelings to express yourself powerfully through them.

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Representing yourself, paralegal services or retaining an attorney all are available options. I will be your resource, so you can make the most educated decision for yourself and compile documents needed. I am part of your team to help you navigate the process.


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Real Estate Divorce Specialist Services. What you need to know if your residential property will be part of your divorce.

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When am I ready to date? What should I look for in a new partner? Crossing the bridge to build a new relationship can be intimidating. I will help you decide if you need more time or if you are ready; and when you are ready how will this affect the other aspects of your life.

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I feel lost, how do I move on? My divorce is final, what should I do next? This can be a time of beautiful exploration. New career or new life – either one will provide you with a new normal that will fit your needs. I will be there as your coach to guide, instruct and Rise Above Divorce.